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It was several years ago, I was flying Delta. I was watching out the window from my seat on the plane, as they were loading baggage. I saw them literally throw my wheelchair. I was so frustrated. So, the flight takes off, we land. I was patiently waiting for my wheelchair to come up. My chair finally arrived and I was angry. My scissor brake on one side was missing. The foot plate was cracked and the back rest release bar was broken. I reported it to Delta immediately. I filed a report. Delta told me that they would not fix my rigid frame manual wheelchair, because the items I listed as damaged would be considered normal wear and tare. Which, as well all know isn’t accurate. I will never fly Delta again.

Furthermore, Delta, American, etc make it a pain to fly.

Southwest is the only airline I fly with now, which limits my travel. Because they don’t fly many international destinations. But, my manual frame rigid chair fits on the plane. So, I don’t have to use an aisle chair.

Speaking on aisle chairs, how about we actually train people on how to use them. Train people how to do transfers. Because, I have been dropped to many times. Thus, the reason I will never fly another airline, except Southwest.

Mr. Kade Patterson, IN