People Walking in Airport Terminal

Delta Disappointment

I have never been treated with such disregard and less than beneath the simple ADA requirement of respect and dignity than this day. I was traveling and was berated by a Delta gate agent who felt she needed to comment that I was not in her opinion as a representative of Delta in a health condition good enough to travel due to my disability. Needless to say I was stunned. I was in a wheelchair boarding thru the tunnel, shocked, stunned and completely speechless. As I tried to get her name to report the encounter I was detained at the connection which made me miss my connecting flight. There was then no wheelchair at my connection. My cell phone was lost in the commotion. Needless to say this turned into a huge situation with no resolution or closure. This attitudinal discrimination which had stemmed from an accessibility issue now had rolled into an inclusion issue which are all ADA issues and are Air Access 30 incidents that need to be addressed. These Air issues continue to get worse and without our voices speaking up we will not move forward. So thank you for listening and thank others for speaking out.

Ms. M Isaac, CA