Plane Setting At Gate

Elbow Banging

I flew from Charleston, WV to Tampa, FL with a stop over in Charlotte, NC in January 2017 on American Airlines. I was transferred from my wheelchair to an aisle chair on the jet way in Charleston, WV when we boarded. I didn’t know how the seating was set up as far as seat and row number so when I was given 5th row, I thought it was close to the front. When the airport employee pushed me into the cabin, I was met with a small aisle. As the employee pushed me back to my seat, my elbows rubbed against the arm rests on both sides of the aisles. When I exited the jet in Charlotte, NC, the aisle chair got stuck between the seats. When I boarded in Charlotte, NC, I was seated on the 11th row so I faced even more arm rests to batter my elbows. I was disappointed with the treatment I received because when I made my reservations, I told them I was in a wheelchair and could not walk onto the jet.

Mr. Albert Martin, WV