Looking Down Airplane Aisle Toward Cockpit

Peed in My Pants

I’d confirmed reservations for first class bulkhead seats for me and my travel assistant. Twice I’d confirmed seats and twice Alaska Airlines separated us and put us in different seats. Because of severe mobility issues I need those bulkhead seats to be close to lavatories in case I had to to go right now. Instead when I stood up to get my PCA’s attention to use restroom, I couldn’t “walk” the distance and completely soaked myself with urine and no way to change into fresh clothes. It was humiliating to have urine running down my soaked pants and collecting in puddle on the cabin floor. I’d been severely injured in an auto accident and just couldn’t move like a normal person. I’d spent an hour at the gate check in desk-an Alaska Air counter agent tried to switch seats but said there were others with disability issues who needed those seats. Not one person from those bulkhead seats got up to use the lavatory during flight from Seattle to Anchorage.

Michael Stanton, AK